martes, 27 de enero de 2009


A-Soon Dance Company is one of the leading modern dancing organizations that has built its own characteristics with unique choreography and experience that combines Korean traditional culture and modern dance. It finds something to tell to Korean modern society through the impromptu nature, humor and Korean characteristics of Korean traditional play, and focuses on communicating with spectators living in this era.

It started as a pickup group and has grown into a dance troupe composed of prominent members. In the process, it won the best dancer prize of the Bagnolet Dance Competition, France (1994. Park So-jung), the grand prize of Paris International Dance Competition (2000, An Young-jun) and was awarded in Yokohama Dance Collection (2006, Kim Myeung-shin, received France Embassy Award in Japan). All the members showed their talents and qualifications as a choreographer, and received favorable comments, expanding their stage.

The troupe is now seeking to find and nurture the next-generation choreographers by staging individual choreographic works in ‘Small Theater’.


The White Noise(2007), The Moment(2006), Seven+1(2005), Just-feedback(2005), Right of Happiness(2003), Circle-After the Other(2003), A-ii-go(2002), Gut-Play(2001), The Memory of Play(2000), On Time(1999), The 11th Shadow(1998), Empty Space(1994) etc.

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