domingo, 25 de enero de 2009


Duration : 35 minutes

It tried to combine modern dance and ‘Manseokjung play’, a traditional shadow play. It shows the daily anguish of people living in modern society and traditional thoughts existing in the current society.

The shadow of a man who appeared after creation of the universe. The 11th Shadow that pursues truth in a state of limitless eternity is just a small and comic existence. The shadow tries to go beyond where it is by pushing its incompletion to an extreme.

* Manseokjung play
Manseokjung play is traditional play of Goryeo Dynasty. It is the silent puppet show staged in the ground of a Buddhist temple when lotus lantern festival takes place before and after Buddhist’s birthday to preach doctrines of Buddhism to the public.
* Ten symbols of longevity
‘Ten symbols of longevity’ are a group of ten symbols of perennial youth and long life. The symbols are the sun, mountain, water, stone, cloud, pine tree, herb of eternal youth, tortoise, crane and deer. In some cases, some kinds of creatures are excluded or others are included.

1998 Recontres Choreographiques Internacionales de Bagnolet

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